Creativity and ADHD in School

World Mental Health Day and KIDS! We CAN do something about this!

Kids are more stressed than they have ever been. The need to keep up with “standards” in school to make the grade, is leading to more ADHD, ADD, and depression diagnoses than ever. These external pressures are causing a disconnect with their own internal voice. Is that what we want for our next generation leaders?

Kids innately love learning and yet somehow became disempowered to learning. In our old education system, learning became all about the grades and performance…. NOT the JOY of learning and the internal sense of accomplishment. No wonder they are having mental health issues more than ever!!

Bringing mind+body+spirit into education can help them find their own power to navigate their life and learning. Empower them to express themselves, contribute and create solutions to what they have ahead of them!


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